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How Trinity helps others




The Benevolent Fund began with an anonymous gift for Rappahannock citizens with emergency needs such as food, medicine, heating, emergency repairs. Funds are raised through an annual Celebrity Waiters' Dinner and direct donations to match a private foundation grant.  Trinity provides the primary organization and assumes the administrative costs for this fund.

Through the Rector’s Discretionary Fund, 3.5% of Trinity’s general income is used to meet the needs local and transient.  

Community Halloween Party held in our parish hall and open to the entire county.  Five Hundred hot dogs delivered in 2014. 

Birthday gifts are provided to participants at the local Senior Center. 

Christmas Cherub Program provides Christmas gifts for children through the Department of Social Services. 

CARE Community Action for the Relief of the Elderly.


We are grateful that many members of our congregation are active in meeting the needs of Rappahannock residents through local organizations.  This includes the local Food Pantry, School Backpack program, Starfish Mentoring, Fire and Rescue volunteering, Senior Services, CARE (Community Action for the Relief of the Elderly), Auxiliary Thrift Shop of the Washington Fire Dept., Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, RappCats Shelter, and many other community ministries.





St. Marc Trade School:  In partnership with other churches in Region 13 of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, we support a trade school in the mountains of Southwest Haiti. Since August of 2011, members of Trinity have led or participated in ten visits to Trouin, Haiti, in support of the St. Marc Academic and Trade Schools and the people of Trouin.   In partnership with Voix et Actions, a local Haitian organization, we support economic development for familes in the Trouin area through a  micro-loan program and a goat distribution and breeding program.  

Follow this link for information on Voix et Actions and our mision 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygm5ope63f8&feature=sharecro-loan and goat programs

The King’s Family Children’s Home in Sourth Africa cares for abandoned babies. 


 Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

The ECW gives financial support to the following: 

Local charities:  Loan Closet for hospital equipment, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Christmas for needy families, Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services, CARE, CCLC (Sursum Corda, a day care center), all 7 Volunteer Fire & Rescue Departments, Shop with a Deputy, Food Pantry, Senior Center, Rector's Discretionary Fund, Fauquier-Rappahannock Free Clinic. 

In Parish: The Altar Guild, the kneelers and the Garden Guild.

Farther afield: support for Kings Childrens Home in South Africa, and St. Marc’s Trade School in Haiti.  


 Brotherhood of St Andrew 

Local charities:  CARE, support for seniors through Social Services, Helping Hands


 Our Prayer Partners

Good Shepherd, Beijing, China

Saint Mary’s, Rosettenville, South Africa

 Saint Marc’s, Trouin, Haiti