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Activities and Committees




TRINITY VESTRY AND COMMITTEE STRUCTURE                                 For 2016-2017

Vestry Liason/Activity Leader


Worship—the Rev. H. Miller Hunter


Altar Flowers—Susan Jones

Altar Guild—Loraine Channing

Ushers—Preston Angell

Litanists/LEM/Lectors—Juliet DelGrosso

Choir and Bells—Jane Kane

Kneelers—Helen Williams


Pastoral Care/Lay Eucharistic V.—Kay Wilson


Parish Life—Amo Merritt

Church Picnic-Margaret Baumgardner

Parish Retreat—Sr. Warden

Young Families Dinners-Amo Merritt

Small Group Dinners—Anne Kerr

Women’s Fellowship—Susan Laing

Coffee Hours/Receptions—Amo Merritt & Judy Segaar

St. Andrews—Jed Duvall

Episcopal Church Women-Steering Committee

Helen Williams, Liz Oliver, Susan Jones, Kay Wilson, Loraine Channing

ECW House Tour/Tea/Sale-E.C.W.



Membership—Anne Kerr

Newcomer Welcome--

Lapsed Member Contact

Member Engagement

Photo Board—Margaret Baumgardner


Stewardship—Bob Kramer



Education—Tom Johnson


Children’s Sunday School—Renee Ellis

Youth Sunday School--Mike DelGrosso

Adult Sunday School--the Rev. Miller Hunter

Monday Evening Bible Study-Susan Laing

Benedictines—Carolyn Emerick

EFM—Helen Williams

EFM2—Susan Laing & Carolyn Emerick

Wednesday Bible Study--the Rev. Miller Hunter

Vacation Bible School-Juliet DelGrosso

Library—Loraine Channing

Men's Book Club-Rich Spillenkothen 



Junior Warden—Carolyn Emerick

Building and Grounds--Carolyn Emerick

Work/Clean Up Days--

Cemetery—Mike Brown

Parish Hall Renovation- Noel Laing

Facilities Usage- Carolyn Emerick

Garden Guild—Cindy Williams./Judy Segaar.



Communications-Juliet DelGrosso

Trinity Times—Ruthie Windsor-Mann/Loraine Channing

Web page—Loraine Channing

Newspaper Liason—Juliet DelGrosso







Outreach Ministry—Judy Reidinger

Outreach Committee—Russ Collins


Youth—Virginia Wyatt

Boy Scouts—Mike DelGrosso

Girl Scouts—Amo Merritt

Halloween-Amo Merritt, Kathleen Hutcheson,

Trish Batholomew


Parish Administration

Management—Noel Laing/the Rev. H Miller Hunter

Finance/Budget—Mary Frances LeMat

Archives—Loraine Channing

Policies, Procedures, Manuals--Rector, Sr. Warden, Communication Vestry Member


Treasurer—Greg Merritt

Finance Committee—Mary Frances LeMat

Audit Committee—Spots Williams

Capital Cam. Follow-up—Bob Kramer.


Register of Vestry—Cady Soukup




Diocesan Relations—the Rev.H. Miller Hunter

Region XIII Del.—Cady Soukup, Mike Mahoney

Diocesan Council Del.—Cady Soukup, Mike Mahoney

Region XII Treasurer—Russ Collins







Altar Flowers-Susan Jones

Altar Guild-Loraine Channing

Benedictine Way-Carolyn Emerick

Boy Scouts-Mike DelGrosso

Brotherhood of St. Andrew-Jed Duvall

Children’s Sunday School-Renee Ellis

Choir & Bells-Jane Kane

Coffee Hours/Receptions-Amo Merritt/Judy Segaar

ECW-Helen Williams, Liz Oliver, Kay Wilson,

        Susan Jones, Loraine Channing

ECW House Tour-Helen Williams, Liz Oliver

EfM-Helen Williams

EfM2-Susan Laing & Carolyn Emerick

Evensong-ECW, Kay Wilson coordinator

Facebook-Ruthie Windsor-Mann

Garden Guild-Cindy Williams/Judy Segaar

Girl Scouts-Amo Merritt

Halloween-Amo Merritt, Kathleen Hutcheson,

                Trish Bartholomew

Healing Service-Miller Hunter

Kneelers-Helen Williams

Library-Loraine Channing

Litanists/LEM/Lectors-Juliet DelGrosso

Men’s Book Club-Rich Spillenkothen

Monday Evening Bible Study-Susan Laing

Outreach Committee-Russ Collins

Pastoral Care-Kay Wilson

Small Group Dinners-Anne Kerr

Trinity Times-Ruthie Windsor-Mann

Ushers-Preston Angell

Vacation Bible School-Juliet DelGrosso

Web Page-Loraine Channing

Wednesday Bible Study-Miller Hunter

Women’s Fellowship-Susan Laing

Young Families Dinner-Amo Merritt

Youth Sunday School-Mike DelGrosso