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Please use the resources on the LEFT side of the page to further your Christian education.


Trinity's education programs have been impacted by the pandemic.


Children:  In normal times, it begins with Sunday school, in a program that is in its unique first year, which is held in collaboration with Washington Baptist.  We meet alternately at both churches, and this year studied the Old Testament, from Moses to Judges.  The program for 2020 is not planned yet, and could be cancelled.


Adults: Forums are planned for almost every Sunday, in the time between the 8:30 and 10:30 AM services.  They are lectures and discussions, presented mostly by parishioners, and subjects that have been planned by our Education committee.  Each series lasts for four to six weeks.  Other rectors from county churches, experts from ourside our parish, etc., also present. These forums have been very successful. Some recent subjects have been The Evangelists, The Bible in Literature, and Paul.


Trinity also is a site for an EfM (Education for Ministry) class, sponsored by The University of the South at Sewanee, Tenn.  It is a four year college course, and has had a place at Trinity for many years.


Trinity had a small library for use by parishioners, and there is a long standing dinner group that meets from Sept to May, that includes a planned  program of theological discussion.