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Saint Paul's Episcopal Cemetery


904 Hawlin RoadWoodville, VA 22749

 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Woodville, Virginia was one of three existing well-established churches in Bromfield Parish.  St. Paul’s church building was destroyed in the tornado of May 2, 1929, which swept through Woodville destroying many buildings and homes.


               Saint Paul's Church                                                                                                    Original Altar site


                                                                                       Grave View                                                                                                                 Columbarium

 The cemetery is still used today by our Trinity Church families. It doubled in size in 2018 with a generous donation of land by Eldon Farm. New fencing and a drive were added in 2019.

For burial information or securing a burial  or a columbarium site please contact the parish office at 540-675-3716.