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3/22/2020 – 4/6/2020
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


Trinity is going live!! Facebook live, that is. Login to Facebook on Sunday morning (March 22) at 10:30 to join Miller for Morning Prayer. The church will be closed so please do not come to church. Please spread the word.

Good Morning! We're hoping you'll join us for a live broadcast of worship at Trinity. Miller will lead Morning Prayer Rite II at 10:30am today. Here's a reminder of how you can access the service: 

  1. For those WITH internet access and full bandwidth…Connect to Trinity’s Facebook page and follow along. Here is the link to Facebook:


  1. For those WITHOUT internet access or full bandwidth…Call in over the phone to join a conference call of the service. You may use cell phones or landline phones. This will be audio only.

        Phone number 425-436-6311
          Access code: 286302

If you choose to call in, please consider putting the phone on mute if you wish to have conversation during the service, otherwise it will be broadcast to the group.

Lastly, here is a link to the bulletin for today's worship service if you wish to follow along: