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Adult Forum New Series

The Biblical Prophets

1/27/2019 – 3/3/2019
9:15 AM – 10:00 AM

Trinity Parish
379 -370 Gay Street 
Washington, VA 22747
Driving Directions

From now until the First Sunday in Lent we will be hearing and learning about the biblical prophets.  Our first speaker will be the Piedmont region’s own Rabbi Rose Jacob.  Subsequent speakers include Rabbi Dan Alexander from Charlottesville, our friends from Washington Baptist Church, Walt Childress and Gary Aichele, and Anne Kerr and other Trinity members.
You don’t have to eat the delicious breakfast we serve at 9:15 before the talks begin, but, if you don’t, you will miss some great food and a chance to chat with some old Trinity friends or meet some new ones.  Join us!