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4/1/2021 – 4/4/2021

Easter Sunday Worship Services


6:30am Sunrise service on Red Oak Mountain
Please bring your own chair, wear a mask, and pack a flashlight.
Directions:  617 Red Oak Mountain Rd., Woodville, VA 22749
From the turn off in Woodville, allow another 15 minutes to navigate from Woodville up the winding dirt Red Oak Mtn Rd. and to park on top of the mountain.

10:30am Worship service in the Sanctuary
WONDERFUL NEWS!!!...we are able to open this service up to allow more parishioners while still following guidelines related to the pandemic. IF you were on the waiting list, you are now signed-up to attend! IF you had not signed-up yet, please notify the church office of your intentions. Additionally we will live-stream the service that morning from the sanctuary.