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If you need to speak with a priest.

1/25/2021 – 4/30/2021

 We are pleased to share with you that although we do not have a full-time priest, Bishop Ted Gulick, the Rev. Carole Crumley and the Rev. Deborah Rutter are available to help Trinity parishioners with pastoral care needs. Bishop Ted retired from episcopal duties in the Diocese of Virginia and is an old friend of Trinity, having visited us and preached for us. The Rev. Carole has not only worshipped with us, but she also served as a Supply priest during Jenks's last sabbatical and will be supplying for us in the spring. The Rev. Debbie is our neighbor from Front Royal, is retired from Calvary, and will be supplying for us in February.

If you would like to talk with a priest, to ask a priest to pray with you or to pray for you or a member of your family, or you would like to receive priestly counsel, please contact:

Leader of our Pastoral Care Team: Kathi Dutilh: at (202) 412-5786 or by email at DutilhKM@gmail.com Kathi, in turn, will notify the Priests, and one of them will contact you as soon as is feasible, by telephone or by email. Keeping in mind the importance of confidentiality, there is no need to inform Kathi about anything beyond your concern's general nature and your desire to communicate with a priest.